Firearms, Toolmarks and Gunshot Residue
Alan J. Voth, Forensic Consulting
Services Provided
Curriculum Vitae

Services Provided

Examination and advice on the operation, mechanical condition and legal status of firearms, ammunition and accessories

Identification and comparison of fired bullets and cartridge cases to a specific firearm

Determining the distance from firearm to “target” at the time of discharge

Assessment of bullet impact damage and establishing the path of a fired bullet

Serial number and obliterated marking restoration

Physical matching of broken or separated objects

Determining the presence of gunshot residue and the implications thereof

Opinion evidence on firearm handling, safety, marksmanship and training issues

Valuation of firearms, ammunition and accessories

Examination and comparison of toolmarks

Lectures and technical presentations pertaining to all areas of forensic firearm, toolmark and gunshot residue examination

Shooting accident reconstructions

Firearm safety and design evaluations

File reviews pertaining to forensic firearm, toolmark and gunshot residue examinations



To provide these services, I maintain an efficient workspace that includes a bullet recovery system, comparison microscope, precision measuring equipment, metal lathe, milling machine, bore scope, handloading tools, chronograph, shot timer, external ballistics programs, photography gear and other specialized equipment.